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DRM Financial Services, LLC.  A sales tax specialist.
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Nobody has to tell the state tax officers that we've been in a recession.  To raise tax revenues, they are turning to the tool that has always been at their fingertips - the audit.  More audits.  More aggressive audit practices.  And when they come to audit, they go back three or four years.  These audits take up a lot of your valuable resources and if you have mistakes, those mistakes can really add up.  

DRM will help you make sure that any sales tax audit is fair, accurate, and timely.  If we believe the auditor is wrong, we'll go to bat for you and work through the appeals process with you.
Sales tax.  You know, that little tax that adds up with every transaction your business handles.  No one pays it much attention at first.  Then suddenly, after three or four years of hiding in the dark, that little tax has mushroomed.  To a really big number.
Sales tax is one of the most complicated, often the most misunderstood tax in business.  Do you know if any exemptions apply to your business?  Do your vendors know?  A review of sales taxes paid by your company may reveal sales taxes paid needlessly.  And DRM can help you get that back.  Often at no cost to your company.
Sales taxes are complicated.  Especially if you have multiple locations, multiple states.  With experience in numerous industries and states, DRM can help your company with systems compliance, personnel training, and documentation compliance.
DRM doesn't handle federal or state income taxes.  There are many very good income tax specialists already available.  Often they turn to DRM to help their clients with tricky sales tax issues, allowing them to concentrate on your income tax needs.
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